Retrospective „Courage Needs A Voice” on Nov 14, 2019

Dear Members and Friends of PMI Euregio,

Together with the support from PMI Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg, our Cologne chapter organized an extra-ordinary event to which Peter Holzer as a coach and book author contributed with his following impulse speech pretty much.

Courage Needs A Voice

CM191114: Peter Holzer, author, coach and motivator
CM191114: Peter Holzer, author, coach and motivator

Over 30 participants, mainly from various local chapters but also visitors from abroad, got impressed about performance, authenticity and motivation from Peter Holzer how he inspired his audience as a keynote speaker of the event. And if he could change the attitude of only one participant at that evening it was beneficial to him that’s what he told us as a motivator as well.

To put it all in a nutshell: Courage needs a voice means that one leaves her or his comfort zone by overcoming a pain for reaching out for her or his horizon. It can be, for example, an uncomfortable situation at work that no one even talks about than just the upper management, directing their staff to reach so-called common goals no matter what it takes. In such a situation someone should stand and speak up to mirror the situation for discussing it rather than just following a master-and-servant principle. For doing so this person needs to take the pain in overcoming her or his inner feeling about anxiety, ambiguity and being disliked. Particularly, the last feeling is the harshest one that one can easily give in. Once the person who made it will see no change after all needs to think of changing her or his personal situation by doing a job rotation, or even quitting the job as a last action ultimately.

So, it is also about change that imposes a new problem which requires a new solution as well. Here, Peter Holzer showed his model of change-problem-solution stages which continuously goes on until one reached her or his horizon, or one is finally accepting the situation which is not perfect but does not hurt too much.

CM191114: Restaurant "Henkelmännchen", Lanxessarena in Cologne
CM191114: Restaurant “Henkelmännchen”, Lanxessarena in Cologne

The participants got inspired by this take away among many others so that Peter Holzer continued in running into a dialogue with his audience for catching thoughts and answering many questions before the event ended in Cologne at the restaurant “Henkelmännchen” nearby the Lanxessarena.


Lanxess Arena, Restaurant “Henkelmännchen”, Willy-Brandt-Platz 3, 50679 Cologne, website

With a big applause Peter Holzer was cheered together with Robert Baumgartner from PMI Cologne Chapter (PMICC) who moderated the event throughout the evening. As a gift all participants received the book “Mut braucht eine Stimme” signed by Peter Holzer. In addition we thank Dr. Peter Fey from PMICC for recording a podcast, Tuelay Koçaka from PMICC for welcoming our participants at the entry, and PMICC for hosting such a wonderful event on European level.

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Looking forward to seeing you in our next event in Dec, 2019.

PMI Köln Chapter e. V.
V.i.S.d.P. VP Finance & Sponsoring Robert Baumgartner, PMP, PMI-ACP


Retrospective „Courage Needs A Voice” on Nov 14, 2019
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