24. Mai 2023 Düsseldorf- Author: Robert Baumgartner

May 24, 2023 – Forum: Transitional Change – Implementing Emergency Management

May 24, 2023 – Forum: Transitional Change – Implementing Emergency Management

1. Transitional Change – Implementing Emergency Management
2. Ordentliche Hauptversammlung (Annual Member Meeting) 2023


Dear Members and Friends of Project Management Group – Germany e.V.,

Please feel be invited to our next forum meeting at Duesseldorf in 2023 for which we could acquire Dr Mark Reeson with support of Mona Rosenberg and Evelin Arian, the Founders of THE CONNECTING DOT. Our meeting will be held in English for our presentation and continuing dialogue, but your questions can also be raised up in German. Afterwards, our Member Meeting will be of course held in German as normal.

1. Transitional Change – Implementing Emergency Management

In June 2021 during the second phase of Covid, Clancy Docwra won the contract with Northern PowerGrid to take over the contract for emergency management of the electricity network for the North East of England. The company previously had only ever managed planned and deliberate work but was now moving into a reactive state to cover the whole network 24/7.

This presentation covers the steps the company took to transition through from one state of business into another whilst also maintaining the momentum of the normal business events and how the change impacted the teams and the personnel within the organization to alter not simply their way of work but their mindset to emergency procedures.

Dr Mark Reeson

  • Excellent ability in managing efficient business change as well as leading and supporting major project and program management challenges.
  • Highly disciplined and structured approach as well as a thoughtful approach when it comes to the process of decision-making.
  • Strong communicator and relationship builder showing a culture of trust across all levels of organisation management and teams from different ethnic backgrounds.
  • Strong Problem – Solver by considering a realistic valuation of potential options as well as efficient and creative solution identification whilst always remaining focused and determined to deliver results.
  • Outstanding facilitative and inspiring approach in delivering and consulting projects, running workshops, seminars, and training programs with intercultural delegates / participants.
  • High Commendation for Homelessness Research by Nicholls Foundation as part of the APM Awards 2019
  • High Commendation for Smart Modelling by Nicholls Foundation as part of the APM Awards 2018
  • Best Customer Focused Product 2017 for Smart Model – Thomson Reuters
  • PMWJ Award for Project Success – PCP Project, Dammam 2016
  • Green Project of the Year Winner 2011 (Sizewell A – Initial Decommissioning)
  • 2 x United States Naval Commendations
  • Author – Published Author of ‘Doing It the SMART Way, Sustainability – Bridging the Gap between Project and Business Management’ and ‘Making the most of every Minute – The Rhyme and Reeson of Time Management and Prioritisation.’
  • Global Key-Note Speaker

Dr Mark Reeson, Director of Project Management Services, M R Project Solutions Limited, 35 Hewick Road, Spennymoor, Co Durham, England, m: +44-7706-08-47-18
Dr Mark Reeson, Director of Project Management Services, M R Project Solutions Limited, 35 Hewick Road, Spennymoor, Co Durham, England, m: +44-7706-08-47-18

2. Annual Member Meeting (Ordentliche Hauptversammlung) 2023

Im Anschluss findet die Hauptversammlung der PMG-G statt, zu der unsere Mitglieder noch separat eingeladen werden.

Die Versammlung wird unter Berücksichtigung der zu dem Zeitpunkt lokal gültigen Coronaregeln vor Ort abgehalten.

Der Vorstand der Project Management Group – Germany (PMG-G) freut sich auf ein persönliches Wiedersehen im Aufbruch in eine neue und friedvolle Zeit.

Location / Ort

Lindner Hotel Airport
Unterrather Straße 108
40468 Düsseldorf
w: www.lindner.de


17:30 Opening / Einlass
18:00 Welcome and start of PMG-G Forum with Klaus Stephan, President of PMG-G
Willkommen und Beginn des PMG-G Forums mit Klaus Stephan, Präsident der PMG-G
18:10 Keynote: “Transitional Change – Implementing Emergency Management” with Dr Mark Reeson
19:10 Break / Pause
19:20 Annual Member Meeting 2023 for PMG-G e.V. members only
Ordentliche Hauptversammlung 2023 – nur für Mitglieder
20:15 Networking / Netzwerken
21:00 Finish / Ende


Die Veranstaltung hat eine Gesamtdauer von 1 Stunde und ist grundsätzlich für den PDU Report berechtigt. Die Anerkennung liegt ausschließlich beim PMI – Project Management Institute – und kann über das CCRS getätigt werden: https://authentication.pmi.org

Sie können folgende PDUs claimen.

Ways of Working Power Skills Business Acumen

Falls Sie sich beim Ausfüllen Ihres PDU gegenüber dem CCRS nicht ganz sicher sind, folgen Sie einfach unseren Anweisungen über diesen Link:

Ways of Working: Whether it’s predictive, agile, design thinking, or new practices still to be developed, it’s clear that there is more than one way that work gets done today. That’s why we encourage professionals to master as many ways of working as they can – so they can apply the right technique at the right time, delivering winning results.
Power Skills: These interpersonal skills include collaborative leadership, communication, an innovative mindset, for-purpose orientation, and empathy. Ensuring teams have these skills allows them to maintain influence with a variety of stakeholders – a critical component for making change.
Business Acumen: Professionals with business acumen understand the macro and micro influences in their organization and industry and have the function-specific or domain-specific knowledge to make good decisions. Professionals at all levels need to be able to cultivate effective decision-making and understand how their projects align with the big picture of broader organizational strategy and global trends.


Link to online participation: https://www.lindner.de/duesseldorf-hotel-airport/ankommen/kontakt.html Lindner Hotel Airport
40468 Düsseldorf


Für diese Veranstaltung können keine Buchungen mehr entgegengenommen werden. Die Buchungsfrist ist vorbei.

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