15. Februar 2023 - Author: Robert Baumgartner

Feb 15, 2023 – Webinar: Gantt – the illusion of control versus Agile – the illusion of chaos

Feb 15, 2023 – Webinar: Gantt – the illusion of control versus Agile – the illusion of chaos

Webinar: Gantt – the illusion of control versus Agile – the illusion of chaos


Dear Members and Friends of the Project Management Group – Germany e.V.,

In cooperation with our partner, The Connecting DOT, we are pleased to offer you a webinar about time management held by Dr. Dror Zernik who’s quite familar in project management and agile methods. Our webinar will be held in English, but your questions can also be raised up in German.

Gantt – the illusion of control versus Agile – the illusion of chaos

A major part of project managers’ role is to foresee and proactively resolve issues that may cause delays or other risks to their projects’ successful completion. Since its invention in the beginning of the 20th century, Gantt charts were perceived as a key tool for planning and prediction of project progress. With support of computerized versions, these charts have become more and more detailed, creating an illusion that they provide meaningful value in controlling the plan-versus-execution monitoring. Accordingly, many project managers perceive this tool as the core tool they have and allocate meaningful resources to maintaining and updating these charts.

Agile thinking suggests an alternative

We assume that a major role of the project manager is to improve the communication. By using Agile Backlog and generating transparency and visibility, teams and management can easily see the information, can fine-tune their activity, and can ensure a meaningful focus of scarce resources on real showstoppers. The entire team is busy foreseeing risks and overcoming any obstacles.

By using the core Agile techniques of backlog refinement and adjustments, prediction is easily improved, problems are identified by the empowered teams, and solutions emerge by the relevant people.

Dr. Dror Zernik, SPC, CSM and CEO of Dr. Agile LTD
Dr. Dror Zernik, SPC, CSM and CEO of Dr. Agile LTD, +972-52-8305999, www.dr-agile.com


Dr. Dror Zernik

For more than 20 years, Dr. Dror Zernik has been consulting various companies, ranging from start-ups in their early stages, through companies in their growth stages, all the way to large international enterprises, scaling up Agile, building management infrastructure, and accompanying strategic moves.
As an Agile Expert-Coach he accompanies Top-Level Managers and senior directors in diverse organizations, helping them to redefine the development processes cultivating effectiveness, high motivation and global alignment.
Dr. Zernik combines the formal Agile process with attentive mentoring to soft-skills that are crucial for leading change, with deep technological understanding. As a lead Agile Coach, Dr. Zernik established the transformation teams to enable ongoing improvement processes. He was a Researcher and a VP R&D in several international corporations.
Dr. Dror Zernik, SPC, CSM and CEO of Dr. Agile LTD
+972-52-8305999, www.dr-agile.com


17.30 Opening
18.00 Welcome and start of PMG-G’s webinar with Robert Baumgartner, VP Finance + Sponsoring
18.05 ‘Gantt – the illusion of control versus Agile – the illusion of chaos‘ with Dr. Dror Zernik
19.15 Latest & Greatest from PMG-G with Robert Baumgartner, VP Finance + Sponsoring
19.25 Networking
19.30 End of today’s webinar


Our event takes 1hr of speech and dialogue which enables you to claim for 1 PDU. The acceptance of your claim fully lies on responsibility of the PMI – Project Management Institute. You should follow the PDU allocation below when logging on to CCRS: https://authentication.pmi.org

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If you’re not too sure how to claim your PDU’s on CCRS you can follow our guideline below:

Ways of Working: Whether it’s predictive, agile, design thinking, or new practices still to be developed, it’s clear that there is more than one way that work gets done today. That’s why we encourage professionals to master as many ways of working as they can – so they can apply the right technique at the right time, delivering winning results.
Power Skills: These interpersonal skills include collaborative leadership, communication, an innovative mindset, for-purpose orientation, and empathy. Ensuring teams have these skills allows them to maintain influence with a variety of stakeholders – a critical component for making change.
Business Acumen: Professionals with business acumen understand the macro and micro influences in their organization and industry and have the function-specific or domain-specific knowledge to make good decisions. Professionals at all levels need to be able to cultivate effective decision-making and understand how their projects align with the big picture of broader organizational strategy and global trends.

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